lfs - a small ppc distro

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Sat Apr 9 00:51:10 PDT 2005

Info by Giardina Software wrote:
> how can make to build a small 128-256MB distro for ppc platform (Apple) 
> from lfs?

Strip debugging symbols on everything
Consider using --strip-all on executables
Delete man and info pages
Delete unpacked sources
Delete source tarballs
Delete all software non-essential to running (i.e. gcc, binutils)

As for building on the ppc platform, you'll need a different bootloader 
than grub depending on if you're running a new world mac or an old world 
mac. There might be other things to, but you'd have to wait until one of 
the ppc builders responds, as I don't build for ppc.

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