Problem logging into new LFS

Mike Chagnon chag at
Sat Apr 9 16:56:36 PDT 2005

Ive just new LFS 6.0 system. I followed the book and everything went
find until it came time to reboot. The boot process when normally, and
all seemed ok. However, when prompted to login in, I did so, and nothing
happens (I get no bash prompt). If I hit Ctrl-C, it logs me out and I
can attempt to login again. I know I'm using the correct login/pass
because if I enter it incorrectly, it says my login is incorrect.

My old system was a cvs version of lfs and ive had no troubles with it.
After the login trouble occured, I tried coping my rc.d over from my
current system ( im using the bsd-style bootscipts) as well as the
fstab. Neither solved anything.

I can provide more info if anyone needs it. Any help or pointers in the
right direction would be appreciated.

 -- Mike

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