lfs - a small ppc distro

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Sun Apr 10 00:49:26 PDT 2005

Info by Giardina Software wrote:
> i am relativity new about lfs project.. can you say me what's the right 
> process, if exists, to cut more possible time to build a simple and 
> portable distro from lfs?

First, accept my apologies if I'm not answering your question in this 
email, but your English is slightly difficult for me to understand. I 
think the question you're asking me is "What can be done to build LFS in 
the shortest possible time?" The answer to that question is to script 
your build. The ALFS project has such a set of scripts made, but if you 
are new to LFS as you say, then this is not the recommended way to 
build. The LFS book is a document designed to teach how a GNU/Linux 
system works, and building by a script doesn't really teach anything.

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