Bringing up the loopback interface RTNETLINK answers: File exists

Andrew Benton andy at
Sun Apr 10 13:51:41 PDT 2005

Hello list,
I've just built 6.1 testing-20050401 and when I reboot into it I get a failure when
the boot scripts try to bring up the loopback interface, it says
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
This is the first time I've built with the lfs-bootscripts-3.2.0 and iproute2. In the
past I've stuck with the lfs-bootscripts-2.1.2 and net-tools-1.60 as it was working 
(if it ain't broke...) so I'm completely unfamiliar with iproute2. Looking at the 
localnet script the important lines seem to be

ip link set lo up
ip addr add label lo dev lo

My guess is the first line is bringing up the loopback interface and the second line 
is giving the error because the loopback interface already exists. Does this work for 
you guys and not for me?

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