Looking for GNU-GPL (Excel like)Spreadsheet package in BLFS stage

sunils at compucomtech.co.in sunils at compucomtech.co.in
Sun Apr 10 21:36:38 PDT 2005

  I have successfully reached at the BLFS stage(BLFS-5.1 Book) and
compiled the abiword package as Text processor, Now I am looking for
some light weight Spreadsheet package other than Koffice/Open office
Kind of heavy weight office suites. Since the space is the major
constraint b'coz we want to create a LiveCD of linux (Using RamDisk) for
our specific needs.

So please suggest me a small GNU-GPL Spradsheet package with basic
features and all It's required packages (DEPENDENCY ISSUES).

I can provide more info if anyone needs it. Any help or pointers in the
right direction would be appreciated.

Thanx in Advance.


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