Building LFS without gcc, make, etc.

Winter Andreas andreas.winter at
Mon Apr 11 22:25:49 PDT 2005


after having successfully build a running LFS, I tried to build a system
without gcc, make and other development tools (the goal is to build a
minimal system). So I started by skipping the corresponding sections in chap
Building module-init-tools failed because zlib.h was missing. Actually
zlib.h was in /usr/include but since I'm still used the gcc from the
toolchain, it doesn't look at /usr/include (gcc patch applied in chap 5).
So I made a symlink from /tools/include to /usr/include and
module-init-tools successfully compiled.

I would like to make a link from /usr/include to /tools/include (just the
other way round), so that all .h files end up in /tools/include. Is this a
reasonable solution if I don't want to build the gcc, etc. in chap 6?


LFS is a great piece of work and real fun ;-)

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