Cannot mount RAMFS

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Wed Apr 13 10:59:04 PDT 2005

Cliffe Hodgkinson wrote:
> As I reported in an earlier post, I have the LFS system pretty much
> finished. However, when I go into the chroot environment (making sure
> that proc & sysfs are mounted and ramfs, tmpfs & devpts are "fake
> mounted" first) and try to mount the RAMFS with "mount -n -t ramfs
> none /dev", I get an error:
> /bin/mount error: no such file or directory
> Any idea what file or directory it's looking for?
It sounds to me like you didn't set up the build environment correctly and some of 
the binaries in /tools are linked against your host system. /bin/mount on your host 
system is not visible from within the chroot environment

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