Error compiling Ch. 5 - Binutils- - pass 1

Matthew Chastain mtchastain at
Thu Apr 14 06:03:33 PDT 2005

I've made it to chapter 5 just fine but have run into
a problem compiling Binutils-
So I don't need to wear my flame-proof suit, I've
searched through the mailing lists and studied all the
references to this problem.  Originally I didn't have
Flex or Bison installed, but even after installing
both and doing "make clean", it still fails with the
same error.

The error in question:
undefined reference to `yyparse'

Here is what I am running...
Mandrake v10.1

LFS v6 - Stable w/ LFS Packages 6.0 Tar

Packages recently installed...
Flex v2.5.4
Bison v1.875d

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