LFS 5.1.1 is running!

Gavin Jackson GavinJ at trutest.co.nz
Thu Apr 14 14:12:28 PDT 2005

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How long in total did it take you to install?

Travis R.

On 4/14/05, Gavin Jackson <GavinJ at trutest.co.nz> wrote:
> I've just managed to complete a LFS 5.1.1 build and after compiling
> the kernel, it booted and ran first time! It's been a huge learning
> experience and anyone who wants to know how Linux is put together
> should build their own system.
> Thanks for all work done to put such a project together.
> Gavin
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I guess with the machine I have, total build time would be less than
a day, but to find all that time between work, wife and everything
else, it's taken about 4 months! I'm now looking forward to building
the software I need to create my web and mail server.

It's so much easier to find your way around your own system rather
than some bloated Linux distribution.


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