Error compiling Binutils chp. 6.13 HELP needed

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Apr 15 08:29:01 PDT 2005

Cheops wrote:
  > I have gotten the exact same error, only difference is that it happend
> in chapter 5.4. Binutils- - Pass 1
> I am using the following liveCD as a host : "lfslivecd-x86-6.0-1.iso"
> Currently I am using book LFS-BOOK-6.1-testing-20050401-HTML.
> So using all versions as given in the book.
> Using the very same CD I succesfully build a 6.0 system on the very same 
> computer being an old P3 800Mhz with 512MB SDRAM

Odd. You've tried rebooting with the cd to refresh the environment and 
make sure it's all set up the way it should be?

/usr/include and /usr/lib is visible and 'ls -l /' shows /lib /bin and 
so on linked to the cdrom dirs?

Jeremy H.

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