Error compiling Ch. 5 - Binutils- - pass 1

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Sat Apr 16 08:48:11 PDT 2005

Hi all,

well there is no file "/tools/bin/gcc", but it is a directory
there! this a mistake or is that i missed some steps
here??....the gcc version is 3.4.1 given along with LFS Packages...but
it seems this version of gcc is error prone and i had logged all my
works on lfs and that indicates that i had done every step as
mentioned in the LFS 6 downloading the latest versions of
GCC,Binutils and GLibc would help??..or is it that this version itself
i can continue and rebuild the LFS 6.0??...

My base system is FC-3 and it is using GCC-3.4.2...

i would be happy if someone could help me out in this..

with regards,

On 4/16/05, Joel Miller <cheeziologist at> wrote:
> Upon looking back on what I just said, I have two additional things to
> add. Firstly, why suddenly did your glibc thread turn into an already
> existing binutils thread? Secondly, if gcc was pulling in host libraries
> all throughout chapter five, it is possible that your entire /tools
> directory is faulty. You may want to consider just starting over from
> the beginning.
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