lfs & ppc

Andreas Fehr andreas at mrs.ch
Mon Apr 18 05:18:54 PDT 2005

Hi *

I run into a different problems with my mac mini and LFS. I didn't find 
answers in the book and am not sure, if there is a list with ppc topics. 
So if I'm wrong in this list, please let me know.

I have a running LFS system, but I'm not able to use my own kernel. I 
have copied one of yellow-dog-linux. So I guess, yaboot and all the boot 
stuff is correct.

As soon as I copy one of my kernels, the system hangs or comes up with a 
of boot error message.

a) does this sound as a known problem of beginners?

b) in the arch/ppc/boot/images directory of the kernel, I found 6 or 7
   files that might be kernels. which one do I have to copy into my 
   /boot directory?

(none of the i386 systems I set up had similar problems)

(and yes, I did use some .config file of ydl (though I'm not sure it was 
the most recent one))

Thanks for any hint,

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