Stepping up Processor

Michael Kipper mkipper at
Tue Apr 19 20:39:49 PDT 2005


This is probably off-topic, but I'll ask anyways.
I'm building LFS on my Compaq R3000 laptop, which has an Athlon64 3400+.
When the processor is idle, it runs at 800MHz, but steps up to 2.2GHz or so
when it's busy. This is usually accompanied by a fan. Or so it seems in
I am using debian unstable to host the build (which will eventually get
turned into a /var partition.
Problem is, the processor never steps up, so the build is probably taking
4x as long!
I've build all the frequency scaling and fan stuff into the kernel.
Any ideas on how to monitor this, or fix it? Do I need a utility?


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