Module-Init-Tools-3.0 Compilation Error during LFS 6.0 Build

David Clark david.clark at
Sat Apr 23 14:25:28 PDT 2005

Very early on during the Compilation of Module-Init-Tools-3.0, I get the following error, which I can only paraphrase as I am stuck with Windows until I get LFS built:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz
lsmod exited with Error code 1

Can anyone help with this?

The only thing I could find on Google was in Arabic... any help would be appreciated.

I'm building LFS ver 6.0.  The only deviations I've taken from the book are:

1.  I'm using the Package User -based Package Management System from the "more_control_and_pkg_man" hint.
2.  I installed the extra languages (except ADA) during the GCC Intallation as per the BLFS crossreference.
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