new kernel can not boot

lin q linq936 at
Sun Apr 24 22:53:05 PDT 2005

  I have Fedora Core 1 installed and now I am trying to build a new kernel 
using the same kernel source files as the host uses.

  After I have the kernel compiled I copy the bzImage to /boot and rename it 
to kernel_mybld. And I come to modify the /etc/grub.conf. Before my changing 
it is like this,

title Fedora Core (2.4.22-1.2115.nptl)
	root (hd0,0)
	kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl ro root=LABEL=/12 ide=nodma rhgb
	initrd /initrd-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl.img

  Then what I do is basically add another entry like this,

title mybld
root (hd0,0)
kernel /kernel_mybld ro root=/dev/hda1 LABEL=/ ide=nodma rhgb
initrd /initrd-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl.img

  The idea is to test the kernel I just built. As you can see really the 
only change from the 2nd entry to the first one is that I use the kernel I 
just built.

  Another change is "root=LABEL=/12" ==> "root=/dev/hda1 LABEL=/" because 
the former one did not work and I do not understand it.

  But in rebooting and select entry 2, I get an error,

VFS: mounted root (ext2 file system) readonly
Freeing unused kernel memory: 88K
Warning: unable to open an initial console
Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel

  In config the kernel I did enable the EXT2 FS.

  If I go back to boot the 1st entry, it is still OK. So looks like the new 
kernel has some problem, but I have no clue of it.

Any suggestion?

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