Building on 2.4 kernel

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Apr 30 23:40:48 PDT 2005

Phillip Fynan wrote:
> I know in the system requirements it lists a 2.6 kernel for udev to
> work, but I was wondering if I could build most of the packages on my
> 2.4 kernel and upgrade for the final steps?
> It would save a lot of effort before I get started, but will it work?
> Also, which package would I switch on?

No.  You need a 2.6 kernel to build an nptl glibc too.  Since you need
to build glibc right up front, you need the 2.6 kernel running from the
start.  (I think Red Hat, at one time, had a 2.4 kernel-hybid what would
work too - maybe very modern 2.4 kernels will work too, but others will
need to say if that's so)

One way round it is to build a linuxthreads glibc.  Then I think your
method might work, but there would be only a little support here.

Another way, if you can stand the wait, might be to to use the upcoming
(but not imminent) Cross-Lfs method that might become LFS-7.0.  Then you
can build a linuxthreaded temporary system with 2.4, but containing 2.6,
and boot that to build your final system.

There are many ways to do what you want, but they all mean doing a lot
of things twice.  In the end it's best to get a 2.6 kernel running and
just build LFS.

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