How close is 6.1?

John Gay johngay at
Mon May 2 03:27:20 PDT 2005

My current box is a 6.0TP, but I'm going to be starting to rebuild on a new 
box this week, and I hope to have an even better box early in June so I was 
wondering will 6.1 be near completion?

As I'll be building full desktops on both, I was hoping to build the first box 
using LFS-6.0 and a BLFS-6.0 desktop, but the second box I was hoping could 
be a 6.1 version of both.

Sorry for asking such a silly question, but if holding up on the second build 
by a few weeks would give me a closer-to-bleeding-edge system, it'd be worth 
it to me.


	John Gay

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