Step 5.8 Adjusting the toolchain

cfk cfk at
Mon May 2 07:20:08 PDT 2005

I am using LFS-BOOK-SVN-20050428-NOCHUNKS.html and seem to be stuck at step 
5.8. I think its a combination of naivety about gcc and spec files and a 
missing file or files.

In /mnt/lfs/tools/lib, I have now a number of files: libbfd{.a, .la} 
libiberty.a,> & libopcodes{.a, .la}

There is no ld-linux-so.2 in ../tools/lib, although the original FC has 
its /lib/ld-linux-so.2.

So, did I miss something in chapter 5 and should I expect to have a in ../tools/lib at this point?

If possible, a little guidance towards understanding would be appreciated.

Charles Krinke

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