Strange man behaviour.

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon May 2 22:42:28 PDT 2005

TheOldFellow wrote:

>I've just built a new LFS using the Cross-LFS method.  Most things
>seem to be very stable, but I've got two inexplicable problems.  I'll
>start seperate threads on them though.
>Man reads /etc/man.conf, but ignores it. 
>'man man', for instance, results in 'No manual entry for man', but
>'man -M /usr/share/man man'  works fine.  I've checked /etc/man.conf
>(perms 644) is correct - it's untouched from install.  I've rebuilt
>man-1.5p using straight LFS instructions.  If i remove /etc/man.conf,
>then man complains that it isn't there - so I know it's reading it.
>I even rebuilt glibc and then man again, in case the Cross-LFS method
>was borked in some way.  I don't use compiler optimisation.
>Short of putting debug in the source, which I'm not competant to do,
>what else can I try?
Do you happen to have a MANPATH enviornment variable set for any 
reason?  IIRC, setting MANPATH in the enviornment will override the 
default man search paths.

Just a thought, based on a problem I ran into quite a while back.


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