lfs & ppc

Andreas Fehr andreas at mrs.ch
Tue May 3 10:39:29 PDT 2005

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, 08:28, Jeremy Huntwork (as JH) wrote:

> JH: Although it's not 100% complete, and may contain a few bugs, 
> JH: there's a multi-arch LFS book under development with a ppc 
> JH: section.  It might be a good reference for you:
> JH: 
> JH: http://documents.jg555.com/multi-arch/ppc/

Jeremy, thanks again for the answer, but as I wanted to access the 
documentation some minutes ago, there was only an error message. Is the 
ppc book somewhere to download or accessible on the internet?

Thanks, Andreas

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