How close is 6.1?

Giulio Daprela gdaprela at
Tue May 3 16:07:38 PDT 2005

> Well, in honestly, I've always felt that LFS was very stable in it's
> phase (-;
> My real question, and I know it's more BLFS related at this point, I know
> BLFS-6.0 is tested and targeted for LFS-6.0, and I've noticed a few 
> discussions regarding issues when mixing the stable and testing branches
> LFS and BLFS.
> The box I'm building on this week is an AMD with nVidia graphics and I
want to 
> put LFS-6.0 and BLFS-6.0, mainly KDE and general desktop tools.
> In June I'm getting a Dual Opteron, again with nVidia graphics and plan to

> build a 64-bit system with 32-bit support libs where needed. So, will 
> LFS-6.1, and more importantly, BLFS-6.1 be ready for the task?
> This box will also have a KDE desktop, but will be mainly for Computer
> Animation, using POV-Ray and the mjpeg-tools for creating the DVD content.
> Again, sorry for straying into BLFS territory here, but the base system
> have some bearing on the tools you build on top of it.
> Cheers,
> 	John Gay
> -- 

For what it worths, I could say that I've installed a complete LFS 6.1 and
if it's in a testing version my box works very well.
I'm installing, in this box, a BLFS 6.0 with some pieces of the testing
(that will be 6.1, I suppose) and at the moment all is very good.
Now I'll try the multimedia parts starting from Xorg and KDE 3.4.
If you want I'll keep you updated.

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