LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ldconfig

Theo Schneider tooly at schneider-berlin.net
Wed May 4 00:20:29 PDT 2005

Hi Michael,

Michael Kipper schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile Perl in chapter 5 on an x86_64 platform (for an
> x86_64 platform), and I'm having a problem with libtermcap.so
> Specifically, I get:
> sh: error while loading shared libraries: libtermcap.so.2: cannot open
> shared object file:No such file or directory
> /etc/ld.so.conf has /lib64 and /usr/lib64 in it and I've run ldconfig. That
> hasn't seemed to solve the problem, but I can solve it by putting an:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/tools/lib64:/lib64:/usr/lib64"
> before the make command.
> I previously did the sanity check, and it worked just fine.
> What have I done wrong?
> Thanks,
> Michael

use the search on LFS homepage or rebuild bash with --with-curses.


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