when is 6.1 release coming?

Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Wed May 4 11:54:31 PDT 2005

Rumor has it that Andreas Fehr may have mentioned these words:
>On Wed, 4 May 2005, 17:39, Stephan (as S) wrote:
> >S: hi all!
> >S: i just asked me the above question..

>Hi Stephan and welcome to the list. You have to be new, I know that,
>because the exact same question has been asked two days ago...

That much is true...

>  and the last
>response to this question was just today, some hours ago.

Huh? I checked 3 LFS website mirrors, and the last news is for the release 
of 6.0, and nowhere in that thread that you referenced (I have it locally) 
does it say that 6.1's been released.

There were a few people saying that 6.1, while considered "testing" was 
very stable, but a "seems to be stable" testing release != 6.1 stable.

What I'd like to know is if anyone made any nALFS profiles for the 
6.1-testing LFSLive CDs... ;-)

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