How close is 6.1?

John Gay johngay at
Wed May 4 13:05:58 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 23:07, Giulio Daprela wrote:
> For what it worths, I could say that I've installed a complete LFS 6.1 and
> even
> if it's in a testing version my box works very well.
> I'm installing, in this box, a BLFS 6.0 with some pieces of the testing
> version
> (that will be 6.1, I suppose) and at the moment all is very good.
> Now I'll try the multimedia parts starting from Xorg and KDE 3.4.
> If you want I'll keep you updated.
That would be great, but is it wise mixing up BLFS-6.0 and testing?

Myself, I'd prefer to keep to one or the other, for stabilities sake.

So, I'll use the 6.0 series on the AMD box this week, and see what 6.1 looks 
like in June for the Dual Opteron.

Speaking of which, didn't I see a message about a 64 bit LiveCD for building 
LFS on Opteron systems? I must look through my mail box again.


	John Gay

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