when is 6.1 release coming?

Andreas Fehr andreas at mrs.ch
Wed May 4 15:44:10 PDT 2005

On Wed, 4 May 2005, 14:54, Roger Merchberger (as RM) wrote:

> RM: >and the last response to this question was just today, some hours 
> RM: >ago.
> RM: 
> RM: Huh? I checked 3 LFS website mirrors, and the last news is for the 
> RM: release of 6.0, and nowhere in that thread that you referenced (I 
> RM: have it locally) does it say that 6.1's been released.

Well, did I say LFS 6.1 is out? No, just the last response to this very 
same question was sent some hours ago. And as you have the other thread, 
why start a new one?


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