LFS 6.0 compilation problem on i-686-pc-linux-gnu

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed May 4 21:24:10 PDT 2005

GALLICET Alessandro wrote:

>2005-05-04, 22.32.14:
>My best regards to everyone, and possible apologizes
>for my poor english language (... I'm an italian subscriber to the
>List), apart from personal inexperience in computer science:
>I'm trying to convert myself to a LINUX-GNU operating system
>installing a Linux From Scratch 6.0 on an Intel Pentium PRO
>133 MHz machine (i686-pc-linux-gnu) with CD-ROM driver, using
133 MHz is NOT going to be i686.  That's going to be a i586 machine, 
most assuredly.


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