Live CD net-setup also "adjusting the tool chain" chap 5.9

Sarah Fish sarahtf at
Sat May 7 08:32:30 PDT 2005

I have two questions.  The first concerns the LiveCD.  I was trying to 
build lfs on my elderly Toshiba laptop using the LiveCD as the host 
system.  Net-setup would not work.  I have a NetGear wireless pcmcia 
card.  The Prism54 driver loaded, but then I got a message about 
firmware uploading not working.  Haven't seen this since I first bought 
the card about a year ago. FC3 didn't like the card and it took some 
doing to get it configured.  Is there a work-around for this?  I have 
tried a couple of distro "livecd's" (gentoo and ubuntu) and did not a 
problem with the networking.

Second question:  in the  "adjusting the toolchain" section  in 
chapter5,  the  specfile  script  doesn't seem to work.   Not only that, 
but I can't seem to find any reference to the "lib/" line 
in the very well hidden specs file I finally located.  I suspect I did 
something wrong somewhere, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas?  I 
have started over twice from the very beginning.


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