lfs & ppc

Andreas Fehr andreas at mrs.ch
Sun May 8 02:34:47 PDT 2005

On Sat, 7 May 2005, 09:52, Jeremy Huntwork (as JH) wrote:

> JH: Andreas Fehr wrote:
> JH: > 
> JH: > I guess, this list is as good as any other place.
> JH: 
> JH: Actually, the lfs-dev list is where development topics go, so book 
> JH: fixes should be noted there. This list is for support. :) CC'ing 
> JH: this to lfs-dev so it can be noted there for the record.


That's why I prefer newsgroups to mailing lists. I have to subscribe to 
a mailing list to report bugs.

> JH: > In chapter "6.2. Mounting Virtual Kernel File Systems" the part 
> JH: > with creating the directories is missing. Please add 'mkdir -p 
> JH: > $LFS/{proc,sys}' to the document.
> JH: 
> JH: Fixed. The book is rendering now, so if you refresh that page in a 
> JH: few minutes, you should see the change.

Thanks for the fast fix. As it seems, you are somehow responsible for a 
lot of stuff, I will send you some other bugs I found in the 
multi-arch/ppc book (by mail, not to the list). Sorry, but I'm to lazy 
to send a mail to subscribe, a mail to confirm, a mail with the bugs and 
a mail to unsubscribe the dev-list.

Blame me for that and put my mail address in your spam filter if you 
don't want the other mail with the bug reports.

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