Linker and the lfs live cd

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Thanks for the reply but...

quoted from page 56

Now that the adjusted linker is installed, the Binutils build and
source directories should be

The next task is to amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the
new dynamic linker. A
simple sed script will accomplish this:

SPECFILE=`gcc --print-file specs` &&
sed 's@ /lib/ /tools/lib/ at g' \
$SPECFILE > tempspecfile &&
mv -f tempspecfile $SPECFILE &&

specifically line two of the above command indicates that we are
creating a sed script to edit the specs file on the host system to
point to the new linker just compiled at /tools/lib/
instead of the one normally at /lib/

note:  I have enter this command several times, taking great care to
copy it exactly as printed.  The result is always the same.  The
operation cannot be completed becaus the file is read only.

On 5/12/05, Joel Miller <cheeziologist at> wrote:
> ZZzzeeezzZZ wrote:
> > Host system = LFS live cd version 6.0
> >
> > Target system = LFS from LFS 6.0 book as written on the CD
> >
> > Chapter 5.8 page 56  LFS 6.0
> >
> > Problem/Question:  I cannot edit the specfile to reflect the new
> > linker for the temporary tool chain because it is on the LFS live CD
> > as read only.  Is there a workaround?  Or can I safely ignore this?
> > Or am I completely off the track/some hint on building LFS this way
> > would be greatly appreciated.
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> You never need to edit the specfile on the host system. You have likely
> misread the book somewhere.
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