Linker and the lfs live cd

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu May 12 19:52:48 PDT 2005

ZZzzeeezzZZ wrote:
> Host system = LFS live cd version 6.0
> Target system = LFS from LFS 6.0 book as written on the CD
> Chapter 5.8 page 56  LFS 6.0
> Problem/Question:  I cannot edit the specfile to reflect the new
> linker for the temporary tool chain because it is on the LFS live CD
> as read only.  Is there a workaround?  Or can I safely ignore this? 
> Or am I completely off the track/some hint on building LFS this way
> would be greatly appreciated.

If Adjusting the specs file fails because 'gcc --print-file specs' shows 
a path in /usr/lib/[etc.] then your setup is incorrect. Check to make 
sure that /tools/bin/gcc exists and that /tools/bin comes before 
anything in /usr in your PATH.

Jeremy Huntwork

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