how to check the failed boot message

lin q linq936 at
Fri May 13 17:43:26 PDT 2005

Sorry, I check /var/log/message, it does have some boot message, but I can 
not find any messages in failed boot session.

Still wondering...

>From: "lin q" <linq936 at>
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>To: lfs-support at
>Subject: how to check the failed boot message
>Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 18:15:15 -0600
>  After my building the system I tried booting the machine, in the begining 
>it is fine, I can see many devices like cdrom etc. are detected, and then 
>it comes to init. But shortly after that, it seems it is in the phase of 
>executing those init scripts, there are many error messages thrown out. It 
>goes so fast, I can not see them clearly.
>  At last I see something like, "automatica reboot" and then the machine 
>  Next time I can still boot to the old host, but I wonder how I can check 
>the error booting message of the last failed boot?
>  And do you see what might be the problem?
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