When to build package organizer?

roger21 roger21 at free.fr
Sun May 15 02:09:56 PDT 2005

Phillip Fynan a écrit :
> I have settled on PACO as my package system...
> Glibc in chapter 6 is happily building away, should I build + install my
> package manager:
> A) After the ajustment of the toolchain in chapter 6
> B) After Binutils, GCC, or something else
> C) No one really knows, so just guess ;-)
> Ok... If someone knows...
> My brain has choice A written all over it right now. Erasers welcome!

personaly I built it just before the first install in chapter 6 
(linux-libc-headers) (using /tools so) thus i can log *evrything* I 
install (actually I re-built it after being independent of /tools 
(chapter 6 - cleanning up) but it is not necesary I guess)
on the other hand you can usefuly re-build it after you installed gtk+ 
(in order to use gpaco)

don't forget to log the install of paco itself each time ;)

few hint: paco does not log symlinks so don't be surprised
by default it does not log files in /etc nor /var which can be a shame 
some time
don't forget the "+" option when necesary
and be carrefull of the directory you are in when using -D (i logged 
some "build" package ;) but you just have to rename the log file to 
solve that)

(sorry for my english)

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