e2fsck error while booting LFS

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at gmail.com
Sun May 15 11:28:22 PDT 2005

i have completed my LFS 6.0 and when i tried to boot lfs, i got this error

checking file systems...
fsck.ext2: Filesystem has unsupported feature(s) (/dev/hdb5)
e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!

when i tried forums they had mentioned to this,

*******************************tricky way to escape the above
change the fstab line for that partition at the end from1s to 0s. Then
the filesystem shouldn't check.
*******************************tricky way to escape the above

now my question is..why does this error occurs??...i do have e2fsck
installed in LFS....is the e2fsprog given along with LFS is an older
version ?..

i would check the file-system and enter rather than skipping this............

i would be happy if any friends help me out.........

thanks in advance........

with regards,

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