When to build package organizer?

Robert R. Russell zoohoo.linux at gmail.com
Sun May 15 21:04:53 PDT 2005

Phillip Fynan wrote:
> roger21 wrote:
>> personaly I built it just before the first install in chapter 6 
>> (linux-libc-headers) (using /tools so) thus i can log *evrything* I 
>> install (actually I re-built it after being independent of /tools 
>> (chapter 6 - cleanning up) but it is not necesary I guess)
>> on the other hand you can usefuly re-build it after you installed gtk+ 
>> (in order to use gpaco)
>> don't forget to log the install of paco itself each time ;)
> If I build it after re-ajusting the toolchain (before binutils) will I 
> need to reinstall it to make sure it doesn't link to /tools?

I do not think so. I will warn you that paco does need pkgconfig and 
maybe one other package not in the LFS book, not completely sure since I 
last built it into over 2 weeks ago and have not rebuilt it into /usr 
since I completed LFS-6.0 earlier today.

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