I just deleted my binutils build directory

Lai Zit Seng lzs at pobox.com
Mon May 16 18:03:00 PDT 2005

Heh, after a while if you get tired of redoing and redoing... you might 
want to try the Automated-LFS :) That's what I'm doing now. This also 
makes me document the extra or additional steps I need, so the next time 
around I don't fumble over the same problems again :)


Lai Zit Seng

Phillip Fynan wrote:
> Phillip Fynan wrote:
>> Uh oh.
>> I just started binutils pass 2, the fact that it says mkdir 
>> ../binutils-build threw me off and I issued:
>> cd $LFS/sources/
>> rm -rf binutils-build
>> Is there a way to recover, or should I restart LFS?
> never mind, I've been doing stuff recklessly lately.
> I'll start over, I want to change the partitons sizes for LFS.

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