review abt lfs 5.0

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Tue May 17 00:02:34 PDT 2005

hi friendz,

myself and my friend started with building LFS but we decided that me
go with LFS 6.0 and my friend with LFS 5.0....i completed within weeks
and eventhough i encountered problems,i solved them in no
time........but i was shocked when my friend mailed me abt his is the mail........

Hi dude,
        I have been building LFS 5.0 more then 8 times and some or
other problem strikes the build, so i tried redhat with 2.4 kernel and
had many compactiability issues and at last i chatted with "Ronald
Hummelink" of Linux From Scratch, he said its total waste of time
testing 5.0 (because LFS is a root expolit "the major reason and the
host system problem is faced often) and if i really want to, i can try
5.1 its okay. And he suggested Ubutu to be really a distro for the

so is LFS 5.0 unstable and if so in what?..

i would be happy if anybdy could help me so that we can continue
buildin 5.0 or move to 5.1.........we are doing this becoz we need two
versions of kernel to be present.............

with regards,

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