list of files in packages

Phillip Fynan pfynan at
Tue May 17 10:14:25 PDT 2005

I was wondering if anyone had logs of the installed files in LFS 6.0
up to zlib. I screwed up mine, and I deleted the source directories,
so I can't re-log them.

I'm using paco, but any type of list of installed files is welcome.
(Take what you can get...)

If someone is willing to email theirs to me...
Thank You!

this is how I messed up:
ls /usr/bin/cc | paco -lSvp gcc-3.4.1
paco -f gcc-3.4.1

Uh-Oh. I didn't notice it until I had just finished "logging" zlib and
deleted all the source directories.

Once again, please help.

Phillip Fynan

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