Problems when finishing the LFS

Michell L. Garcia garcia at
Sat May 21 06:13:16 PDT 2005

   I am finishing my LFS 6.0.  In it chapter 8.3.  Linux- and 8.4. 
Making the LFS System Bootable my problems. 

   As I use Slackware 10,1 with Lilo I would like to add the LFS in my Lilo,
to prevent to install the Grub.  

   In it I chapter 6,2 Linux- I compiled mine thus kernel:  

# cd /usr/src
# rm -rf linux
# tar jxvf linux-
# ln -s linux- linux
# cd linux
# make menuconfig
# make clean
# make bzImage
# cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/lfskernel-
# cp /boot/
# cp .config /boot/config- 

   The LFS this in/dev/hda5. 
   The Slackware this in/dev/hda1.

   Modify /etc/lilo.conf of the Slackware 
# Linux bootable partition config ends


PS: /backup = /dev/hda5 = LFS

Execute the command:  
# lilo
  Added Linux * 
  Added LFS 

When I reset the system, and choose option LFS it I do not enter.  help me?

Sorry my English...

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