Problems when finishing the LFS

Andreas Fehr andreas at
Sat May 21 09:39:48 PDT 2005

On Sat, 21 May 2005, 15:20, Michell L. Garcia (as MLG) wrote:

>MLG: >MLG: view /etc/lilo.conf
>MLG: >MLG: image="/boot/vmlinuz-generic-2.6.10"
>MLG: >MLG:         initrd="/boot/initrd.gz"
>MLG: >MLG:         root="/dev/hda1"
>MLG: >MLG:         label="Linux"
>MLG: >MLG:         read-only
>MLG: >MLG: other="/backup/boot/lfskernel-"
>MLG:             ^^^^^^^^
>MLG: Are you sure, you want /backup/ in the kernel path??
>MLG: Andreas
>MLG: -------------------------------------------------------------------
>MLG: Looking at for the Slackware:
>MLG: root at brtn:/# ls
>MLG: backup/  brtn/      etc/      initrd/     man/  proc/  share/  tmp/    var/
>MLG: bin/     dev/       home/     lfs.tar.gz  mnt/  root/  sys/    tools@
>MLG: boot/    download/  include/  lib/        opt/  sbin/  t2/     usr/
>MLG: backup = /dev/hda5 = LFS
>MLG: Execute ls /backup
>MLG: root at brtn:/# ls /backup/
>MLG: bin/   dev/  home/  media/  opt/   root/  sources/  sys/  tools/  var/
>MLG: boot/  etc/  lib/   mnt/    proc/  sbin/  srv/      tmp/  usr/
>MLG: root at brtn:/#   

Still, backup is only, if hda5 is mounted as backup. (check `mount`). 
But from lilos point of view, lfskernel- is on '/dev/hda5'/boot 
and not on '/dev/hda5'/backup/boot. Try to think what happens if 
/dev/hda5 is mounted as root ('/')


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