Live Cd??

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat May 21 11:44:12 PDT 2005

>>>i just read again the live cd tutorial in the hints section,the author
>>>has specifically mentioned that the tutorial will work only for
>>>Pentium 4 using AMD 2400+ Sempron
>>> what changes or optimizations should i modify ??

You're misreading the hint. Mike's saying that he built his *host* LFS 
system with special optimizations for that specific machine he's 
running, a Pentium 4. However, the cd should be able to run on *many* 
types of systems, so you build a new LFS and drop any machine specific 

Frankly, I would suggest that before you get too involved with trying to 
build a livecd, you get more comfortable with building LFS in general 
and try doing it on a few other systems for the sake of practice and 
education. Then, once some things have become a bit more familiar and 
your understanding has increased, come back and try the hint again - 
some things would make more sense.

Also, you've been posting regularly, which is fine, however, in the 
future, if you could please snip the appropriate quotes in the thread 
(as I've done above) and place your comments underneath instead of 
leaving the entire thread in your replies and commenting on the top. 
It's just the preferred way of posting here. Thanks.

Jeremy Huntwork

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