automated install

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Sun May 22 12:55:31 PDT 2005

Hi Ben,

> I've read a lot about LFS by now and I am very enthusiastic about it.
> I am willing to try making my own distribution

thanks for reading abt LFS and choosing it.....i have also chosen LFS
for the same purpose....LFS is a damn thing and u will find it a gud
experience building linux from scratch...

> Will I be capable, at the end of the learning process, to make my
> system auto compile itself, meaning: I put in a CD, I boot, I get an
> installer like in e.g. Mandrake, the system builds automatically, I
> can get to work.

well to answer to ur above question...ofcourse u will be capable to
put ur LFS system into a  CD...right now u have a tutorial on how to
put LFS into a Live CD.......and a Live CD with a installer script
will satisfy ur need........u may have to do some research on

Building LFS requires also some basic linux concepts to
know.........and sure do watch out our mailing lists
archives.......the LFS book is a wonderful read
the book properly...

happy building......

with regards,

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