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J. Greenlees jaqui at
Mon May 23 00:39:44 PDT 2005

Lai Zit Seng wrote:
> On Sun, 22 May 2005, Ben Cools wrote:
>> I've read a lot about LFS by now and I am very enthusiastic about it.
>> I am willing to try making my own distribution, but I still have one
>> question left:
>> Will I be capable, at the end of the learning process, to make my
>> system auto compile itself, meaning: I put in a CD, I boot, I get an
>> installer like in e.g. Mandrake, the system builds automatically, I
>> can get to work.
>> Basically it means: is it possible to to let a Linux installer build a
>> system from scratch?
> The short answer is Yes :)
> Your buliding is a manual process. If all you need is to repeat those 
> steps over and over again, yes surely you can automate that. E.g. you 
> could take a look at nALFS.
> In practice, however, if you want the "automated" process to adapt to 
> different hardware, different configuration options, etc etc... yeah, it 
> should still be do'able, just not so straight-forward as before :)
> Regards,
> .lzs
> -- 

If you are familiar with perl, download Mandrake's drakx sources. Drakx 
is thier installer, and is written in perl. You could use thier hardware 
detection routines for in your install script. ( it is GPLed )

I would be cautious with doing so for only 2 reasons:

1) they are not a build from sources distro.

2) they are set up for i586 and higher only.
( the code would need to be rewritten extensively to build for any arch, 
not just pentium class arch )


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