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Gentoo's Stage 1 install, like LFS, builds every package from source. The
Gentoo Handbook guides the user through the installation process.

You can learn a lot with Gentoo, but I feel that LFS has that extra learning
curve because everything is literally done from scratch!

The one major thing that differs between Gentoo and LFS is the package

LFS does not have any package management. If you want to install a certain
package with LFS, you need to install the package AND all the package
dependencies manually.

However, with Gentoo, the package management makes installing software
extremely easy with 'emerge'.

'emerge' works like Debian's 'apt-get'. It'll find and install your package,
and at the same time, it will install all the package dependencies.

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hi all,

well well i tell my friend that LFS is stable has very fast after
building and there has not been much problem with building it......

but my friend who has built Gentoo tells me that the "Stage 1" of
gentoo is more reliable and very powerful when compared to LFS.......

i am not aware of Gentoo but i don know it is similar to
what does he mean? LFS comparable with Gentoo?

what do LFS people comment on it?...

with regards,
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