Comparing with gentoo

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Wed May 25 02:07:06 PDT 2005


> LFS does not have any package management. If you want to install a certain
> package with LFS, you need to install the package AND all the package
> dependencies manually.
> However, with Gentoo, the package management makes installing software
> extremely easy with 'emerge'.
> 'emerge' works like Debian's 'apt-get'. It'll find and install your package,
> and at the same time, it will install all the package dependencies.

so being this case...why hasnt LFS not gone for a Package
Management??...pls dont tell it is "Your Distro,Your Rules" becoz
unless something is reliable and stable one wont afford for answering as YDYR would be vague!....or can v use Emerge
in LFS??....using and re-suing is open source rite?....

have anybdy integrated Emerge in LFS??.......

with regards,

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