Beginner's questions

Jim McLaren Jim at
Wed May 25 03:06:32 PDT 2005


This is my first attempt at LFS so please bear with me for a while.

I am using SuSE 9.2 professional as my host distro. I have successfully set up 
a partition, set up a user, downloaded all the files, but have hit a problem 
in Setting up the environment (Chapter 4, page 31, LFS 6.0). I followed the 
instructions on the page, but realised something was wrong when I su to lfs 
and PS1 remains the default SuSE prompt, rather than the one I had set up. If 
I run env, I get a whole lot of environment settings that have come from the 
SuSE defaults somewhere. On consulting SuSe documentation, bash uses the 
following files when creating a login shell:


I renamed my new .bash_profile to  .profile, but that did not make any 
difference. I suspect that the settings from /etc/bash.bashrc are the ones 
causing the problem. Has anyone else come across this, and how did you get 
round it?

Secondly I tried to post to the newsgroups rather than use the mailing list,  
but I wasn't allowed to post. Is the problem at my end or do I have to post 
through the mailing lists?

Many thanks.

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