Beginner's questions

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed May 25 03:29:23 PDT 2005

Jim McLaren wrote:

> Secondly I tried to post to the newsgroups rather than use the mailing list,  
> but I wasn't allowed to post. Is the problem at my end or do I have to post 
> through the mailing lists?

No the problem is at our end.  We use news->mail and mail->news gateways 
to keep the two services in sync.  Unfortunately they got out of sync a 
while ago which caused problems posting via the news server.  Therefore 
we took the decision to disable posting via news for the time being. 
I'm looking into the problem when I can (spare time is at a premium 
right now), we might get this resolved within the next week or 

Apologies for any inconvenince caused.



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