Comparing with gentoo

Lai Zit Seng lzs at
Wed May 25 03:54:01 PDT 2005

Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
>>LFS does not have any package management. If you want to install a certain
>>package with LFS, you need to install the package AND all the package
>>dependencies manually.
>>However, with Gentoo, the package management makes installing software
>>extremely easy with 'emerge'.
>>'emerge' works like Debian's 'apt-get'. It'll find and install your package,
>>and at the same time, it will install all the package dependencies.
> so being this case...why hasnt LFS not gone for a Package
> Management??...pls dont tell it is "Your Distro,Your Rules" becoz
> unless something is reliable and stable one wont afford for
> answering as YDYR would be vague!....or can v use Emerge
> in LFS??....using and re-suing is open source rite?....
> have anybdy integrated Emerge in LFS??.......

I feel this is a matter of choice. Each distro has certain goals, and 
places emphasis on certain areas.

Once you've become familiar with Linux in general and start having a 
good idea of what you want, what you want to do, and how things should 
be done, etc etc... you may start to wander around :) Nothing wrong with 
that of course :) So then you start looking at how which distro will 
best meet your needs.

LFS and Gentoo are similar in some ways in the sense that they both 
offer you the opportunity to build your system from scratch, giving 
plenty of customization and optimization choices. But their goals are 
probably slightly different.

Have you considered that perhaps Gentoo might be what you want? :)

Of course, YDYR... if you decide that you want LFS + emerge... so be it 
:) Sure you can make it work :)



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