Comparing with Gentoo

Lai Zit Seng lzs at
Wed May 25 07:26:22 PDT 2005

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Chakkaradeep C C wrote:

>> LFS and Gentoo are similar in some ways in the sense that they both
>> offer you the opportunity to build your system from scratch, giving
>> plenty of customization and optimization choices. But their goals are
>> probably slightly different.
> this is what i want to know, what ways LFS and Gentoo are
> different?..both are building linux from scratch giving plenty of
> customization and optimization choices.....

I suppose the websites of both distros will be able to give you an idea of 
how different they are. And of course the best way to get an in-depth 
understanding... try at least one install and play around with it! :)

>> Have you considered that perhaps Gentoo might be what you want? :)
> i will ask u the same question to the people out there.........when
> will u think that perhaps Gentoo might be what you want?...

I have used Linux for many years. I know what I want. No one distribution 
satisfies all my needs, so it ends up that I use LFS for some work, Fedora 
Core for others, and even commercial UNIX-based appliances too. Gentoo 
crossed my radar screens before... but I chose to go with LFS after some 
limited experience. I don't rule out ever moving to Gentoo of course. 
Needs change :)

My suggestion... if you've shortlisted Gentoo as a "can consider" distro, 
give it a whirl. Maybe LFS + emerge might be the way, who knows :)



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