Comparing with gentoo

Steve Prior sprior at
Wed May 25 08:28:39 PDT 2005

Chris Zotos wrote:
> You can learn a lot with Gentoo, but I feel that LFS has that extra learning
> curve because everything is literally done from scratch!
> The one major thing that differs between Gentoo and LFS is the package
> management.
> However, with Gentoo, the package management makes installing software
> extremely easy with 'emerge'.
> 'emerge' works like Debian's 'apt-get'. It'll find and install your package,
> and at the same time, it will install all the package dependencies.

I've been using LFS for a number of years now, but because Gentoo sounded
interesting I set up a test system to try it out with.  If you were
coming from Red Hat then Gentoo would seem light weight and agile to you,
but not compared to LFS.  I can't remember which package it was, but there
was one server package I installed with emerge and it started installing X
pieces which I don't think should have been installed (and aren't when I
do it by hand).

The other problem I have with package managers is when you need packages that
don't have configs in that system.  I think a package manager could be fine,
but not if you end up installing some things with it and some things without

If after you set up a LFS system you decide to go with Gentoo because you
want ease of install I can't argue with that too much as long as you got the
experience to not feel lost if you need to install something really from


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