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On 5/25/05, Andrei A. Voropaev <av at> wrote:
> On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 06:06:38PM +0530, Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > > LFS and Gentoo are similar in some ways in the sense that they both
> > > offer you the opportunity to build your system from scratch, giving
> > > plenty of customization and optimization choices. But their goals are
> > > probably slightly different.
> >
> > this is what i want to know, what ways LFS and Gentoo are
> > different?..both are building linux from scratch giving plenty of
> > customization and optimization choices.....
> >
> > > Have you considered that perhaps Gentoo might be what you want? :)
> >
> > i will ask u the same question to the people out there.........when
> > will u think that perhaps Gentoo might be what you want?...
> >
> > becoz we LFS people,when we say YDYR, we should emphazise by comparing
> > with other available systems, for example Gentoo..........
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> Well. Just my opinion. I'm using LFS because I wanted to learn how to
> build and maintain linux, not just because I wanted to have "self-built"
> system. My whole idea was to create a system that is totally under my
> control. In other words I know exactly what, when and why is executed,
> added, removed.
> Gentoo (and any other distribution) offers package management. This is
> some obscure system that does decision making behind my back. (No I
> don't want to say that this is bad, it's just something that I
> personally don't like). For most of people, who have to manage fairly
> complex setups, this is a must. Otherwise they can easily get lost. For
> me it is not needed. My setup is fairly simple, so the little system
> I've created for myself does very good job.
> So, I would be kind of disappointed if LFS would include complex package
> management system. Because then it would loose its clearness and become
> just another distro like Gentoo. In which case I'd prefer to go with
> Gentoo since it's by far more advanced in this area and still offers
> "self-compiled" system.
> Unlike you, I do consider YDYR the most important side of LFS. If you
> don't care about this, then you should consider using Gentoo. (No
> offend, just the reality :) In fact, I don't see any other thing that
> would make LFS better than Gentoo :)
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Having used Gentoo 2004.1-2005.0 during the last school year, I have
to say that portage is one of the most complete source based package
management systems that I have seen in 4 years of using Linux,
(distros include Debian 3.0, Mandrake 7.2, 8.0, 8.2, Redhat 7.2,
Fedora Core 3 test, Suse 9.0 professional, LFS 5.0, LFS 5.1, LFS 6.0).
However, I must say that I dislike portage's habit of building
programs inside /var/tmp/portage, which makes setting up partition
layout rather annoying because of a need for about 3-4gb of free space
in /var/tmp for it to build a complete system in 1 pass.

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